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John Beltz Snyder. Automakers Green Automakers Electric Future aptera.

View More. California and 22 other states sue Trump administration over emissions standards.

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Invest in Aptera Motors : Do More with a 1,+Mile Range EV! | Wefunder

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Aptera - Aptera (full Album 2019)

Image: Aptera. Aptera is the name for a bird without wings. In fact, the original concept cars looked very much like a modern airplane fuselage with the wings removed. Although the company attracted a lot of attention for its innovative ideas, it soon crash landed and filed for bankruptcy.

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Now it is back with several of its original leaders in control once again. According to IEEE Spectrum , the original concept remains at the heart of the new Aptera but the design has been updated to incorporate all the lessons learned in the electric car segment over the past decade. For instance, Aptera had to engineer and manufacture its own charging port for the original.

Today, the port is simply ordered from a supplier.

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That works out to just watt-hours per mile. In comparison, the latest Tesla Model S uses about watt-hours of electricity per mile. The company says it will offer other battery sizes as well, starting with 40 kWh. In theory, even the smallest battery would give the car a range of miles. Every aspect of the original design has been smoothed and improved with the focus always being on maximizing efficiency, something traditional car companies show little interest in doing. The company may experiment with a two motor design — one motor in each of the front wheels — to see if that increases efficiency even more.

The money will be used to get a working prototype on the road before the end of this year. The less energy used, the less needs to be added.

Aptera returns with plans for 1,000-mile EV

A modern 50 kW charger can add miles of range in a half an hour. Even a volt North American household plug can add miles of range overnight, according to Green Car Reports. Volkswagen and other companies are working to bring lower priced EVs to market, with an entry level ID.