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This is an online, interactive course that contains instructions, multimedia, and assessments where students can learn at their own pace. As an instructor, you can create and edit instances of this course, assign them to students, and view student progress. Multisim is a circuit simulation tool built for educators to teach analog, digital, and power electronics by connecting simulation to experimentation.

Manage Library. New Course. Back Take Training. Teaching Digital Logic Fundamentals. This series of tutorials teaches students digital logic fundamentals, including logic gates, logic simplification, digital comparison logic, and digital counters. Taking a hands-on approach to learning digital logic can be difficult without the need to teach complex hardware descriptive languages eg.

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Multisim Programmable Logic Diagram PLD along with support for leading Digilent Teaching hardware allow educators to teach students the theory whilst students put it into practice. The PLD schematic allows educators and students to create graphical logic diagrams and deploy these to Digilent educational boards.

In this tutorial series we demonstrate how digital logic theory can be taught using educational hardware to provide a hands on approach to learning. Available languages. English Subtitles: English.

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Chevron Left. Syllabus - What you will learn from this course. Video 1 video. Course presentation 2m.

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Reading 9 readings. Course Organization 10m. Syllabus and bibliography 10m. Grading policy 10m. Certification 10m. FAQs 10m. About the forums 10m. How to install the virtual machine VM 10m. FAQs about installing the VM 10m. Video 2 videos. Binary numeration system 19m.

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Algorithm representation in pseudocode 17m. Reading 2 readings. Table of contents 10m. PDF file 10m. Quiz 2 practice exercises. Practical quiz 0. Practice quiz 0. Video 5 videos. Digital systems 11m. Processor: Specification 12m. Examples of Programs 19m. Reading 3 readings. Lesson index 10m. PDF files 10m. Solved exercises 10m.

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Practice quiz 1 8m. Graded quiz 1 16m. Combinational circuits 23m. Boolean Algebra 26m. Functional specification 12m. Structural specification 11m.

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Practice quiz 2 12m. Graded quiz 2 16m. Logisim and VerilCirc 21m. BoolMin and VerilChart 12m. Combinational circuit synthesis tools 21m. Propagation time 14m. Other logic blocks 24m. Programming language structures 14m. Structural specification continuation 9m. Practice quiz 3 12m. Graded quiz 3 16m. Video 10 videos. Lecture 4.

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No lecture about the processor in this module. Next video will be P5. Solved exercises - Arithmetic circuits 10m. Quiz 1 practice exercise. Practice quiz 4 10m. Show More. Video 7 videos. Practice quiz 5 10m. Graded quiz 5 12m. Video 4 videos. Registers 17m. Counters 15m.