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This is where a musician sends a copy of the composition or recording to themselves via certified mail, leaving the package sealed with the date clearly marked on the outside.

Get permission to use music

The idea is that you let the government do the work of dating the creation of the work with the federal postmark. A registered work will carry a lot more weight in court than a sealed package, a Souncloud link, or beer-soaked napkin.

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And if you decide to sue for copyright infringement, a federal registration entitles you to financial compensation from the offending party and attorney fees. Copyright to a composition Form PA :.

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Copyright to a sound recording Form SR :. For more on how to register your copyright, head here. According to copyright. Form SR must also be used if you wish to make one registration for both the sound recording and the underlying work the musical composition, dramatic, or literary work. You may make a single registration only if the copyright claimant is the same for both the sound recording and the underlying work.

Royalties that flow from the granting of a master license include streaming and download revenues associated with the recording, from platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

How to Copyright Music: What is Music Copyright and Why It Matters

You also can grant permissions for sync licensing and sampling of your recording. More on those topics below. More on that below too. Lastly, as the owner of a recording you can press and sell physical formats such as vinyl and CDs. As a songwriter, you have the right to collect publishing royalties for the usage of your song. One such revenue stream is performance royalties , owed to the songwriter and publisher whenever a song is:.

These agencies are called performing rights organizations PROs. You can affiliate yourself as a songwriter with the first two directly, or by using our publishing administration service CD Baby Pro Publishing. SESAC is invite only and represents far fewer songwriters. The job of these PROs is to monitor radio stations and venues for public use of your song.

You can also earn performance royalties by playing your songs live. The venues should be paying fees to the PROs to cover these royalties, and each PRO gives you a way to register your live sets.

Music copyright: a quick guide

When your composition is reproduced in any medium you are owed a separate type of royalty called a mechanical royalty. You might have heard of mechanical royalties as they relate to the manufacturing of physical formats such as CD, vinyl, and cassettes. But digital formats also generate mechanicals. When someone streams your music on a service like Spotify or Apple Music, or when they buy a download from a store like iTunes, your composition is technically being recreated.

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These mechanical royalties are reported by the streaming and download platforms to the royalty collection society in the country or territory where the stream or download happened. In the U. The U. So those will be paid to you through your music distributor.

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For example, see this Wikipedia list of popular songs based on classical music. When sheet music is not in the public domain you must deal with things like these depending on how you want to use the work :. These are the fees you must pay the copyright owner for permission to perform copyrighted sheet music in public except at religious services or nonprofit functions.

The copyright owner is usually the music publisher.

Copyright Guidelines

Performing rights societies collect performance royalties through license agreements. How much of a fee you must pay depends on your use. These are the recording fees you must pay to record copyrighted sheet music. Mechanical royalties currently range from 9. The Harry Fox Agency used to handle synchronization licenses. Now you must contact the copyright owner directly. A synchronization license grants you the authority to reproduce a musical composition only.

If you wanted to reproduce a specific recording of a composition, you would need to get a master recording license.

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For more information about how to find and contact music publishers, please see our Repertoire page. Yes, there are a number of other rights under copyright law. For example, the owners of master recordings control the reproduction right for their copyright protected work, and are entitled to compensation for exercises of that right such as background music suppliers and DJs.

Similarly, both the owners of sound recordings as well as performers on those sound recordings are entitled to compensation for the performance of the sound recording. Please visit their website at www. The person or company which owns or administers a copyright is usually called the music publisher. The publisher represents the interests of the songwriter and works to maximize the revenue of its catalogue of musical compositions.

The publisher usually makes a deal with the songwriter for the sharing of revenue. It often happens that a songwriter acts as his or her own publisher. Today, although publishers remain, to a limited degree, in the sheet music business, their main task is the promotion of the use of their copyrights through three primary routes: reproduction rights, performance rights and synchronization rights. A copyrighted musical work can be owned by a person or company in the same manner as any other property.

It can be bought and sold, either in whole or in partial shares. Not necessarily.