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Expert web developer and author John Resig concentrates on fundamental, vital topics what modern JavaScripting is and isnt , the Written for JavaScript developers with intermediate-level skills, this book will give you the knowledge you need to create a cross-browser JavaScript library from the ground up. About this Book You can't always attack software head-on. Sometimes you come at it sideways o Developers of every stripe-hobbyists and professionals alike-fall in love with jQuery the minute they've reduced 20 lines of clunky JavaScript into three lines of elegant, readable code.

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Best Practices in Javascript Library Design

Na te i wiele innych pytan znajdziesz odpowiedz w tej ksiazce. Dzieki niej bedziesz zwinnie jak ninja przemykal pomiedzy niuansami jezyka JavaScript. W trakcie lektury poz El desarrollo de navegadores y aplicaciones Web tienen un futuro brillante, proporcionando a los Nobody codes jQuery anymore, you might say. It is true. Ten years since this book published is like forever in software engineering fields.

Today, the technique mentioned in this book can be easily done with the help of moder OK, this pretty-old book is closing my Reading Challenge. Today, the technique mentioned in this book can be easily done with the help of modern JS framework. But like I mentioned earlier, this book gives you an understanding on the deep level, beyond the framework, pure JS. If you're expert on JS, maybe you'll get boring by the topics. But if you intermediate or beginner JS programmer and curious about how the language is constructed under the framework layer, this book worth to read.

Apr 03, Chris Wood rated it really liked it Shelves: technology , ux-ui. Although slightly dated, Resig's Pro Javascript Techniques does an excellent job explaining many of the basic building blocks of modern javascript libraries: DOM interaction, code minimization techniques, debugging tools, rich interactivity with timed behavior, and basic AJAX techniques for non-blocking server access. This is a very helpful book for anyone wanting a quick and basic overview. That said, this book, given its date, does not spend much time covering closures, execution context e.

If you are looking for the truly advanced javascript techniques, don't look here. Because of that, I'm expecting and hoping that Resig's next work Secrets of the Javascript Ninja will provide a more thorough treatment of the subject. View 1 comment.

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Feb 24, Craig Cecil rated it it was amazing Shelves: computers. Let's get this straight right away: the author is John Resig, the creator of the jQuery library, so obviously this guy knows what he is talking about. And just like jQuery, Resig presents a solid base by describing how to write reusable, unobtrusive, object-oriented JavaScript code.

Then, he gets right to it by providing chapter after chapter of real-world examples of how to build useful stuff from this base. While he doesn't use jQuery in his code examples, per se, along the way you will learn Let's get this straight right away: the author is John Resig, the creator of the jQuery library, so obviously this guy knows what he is talking about. While he doesn't use jQuery in his code examples, per se, along the way you will learn how and why jQuery was constructed.

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Lots of good stuff to learn here that you can directly apply to your own projects, no matter what library if any that you use. Mar 26, Will Meurer rated it liked it.

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Good if you want to see how JavaScript frameworks are thought out and created. Not so useful if you know the language and are looking for architectural techniques. Resig is a decently terse writer though, so it's not as long-winded as JavaScript: The Definitive Guide. There are some incidental techniques that Resig uses that were pretty cool tricks to pick up. Mar 18, Tom rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction , own , tech. As someone with only mediocre JavaScript skills, I found the book to be quite helpful. It's just like the title suggests: a collection of recipes and best practices for writing better JavaScript.

However, the book probably isn't as useful for more advanced JavaScript programmers.

Pro JavaScriptâ„¢ Techniques [Book]

Apr 20, Rusty rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone who wants to understand javascript. This was by far the best book I've read to explain the document object model and Javascript namespaces. This is the only Javascript book I've read cover to cover, all others are used for reference. Shelves: computer-science. This book is too old.

Books by John Resig

Javascript techniques have a tendency to become old very quickly. Today these techniques are hidden inside the libraries like jquery and an average front-end developer never uses them. In fact once you get past the JavaScript primer sections, and when I say primer in this context I mean advanced JavaScript primer, He shows how different JavaScript libraries apply different principles.

But what I found even more revealing is his review of several, I will call them projects for lack of a better name, that laid the foundations for what is now jQuery. Hmmmm that sounds very familiar. He then starts to introduce jQuery and how he started developing it. What I really like about this book is Resig continually shows simple foundational examples of what I consider key elements of the jQuery library.